The Mauritius Post is committed to preserve the integrity of your correspondence and to offer you a fast, secure and reliable delivery service.  We provide a 100 % door-to-door delivery.

1. Delivery Standard for Domestic Mail

The Domestic Delivery target is 85% at D + 1 (D = day of posting).

- Cut - off time for posting for the next day delivery is 15 00hrs.

Domestic Delivery Performance

2. Delivery Standard for International Mail

85 % of incoming International Mail is delivered on D+1 (where D is the day item is received at Office of Exchange).

Percentage of population having a home delivery
  •  We provide a 100 % house to house delivery of letters Island wide.
  •  Customers may opt for a rented Private Postal Box for delivery.

Confirmation of Delivery
A proof of delivery may be obtained by sending a letter by registered post with an advice of delivery. Refer to "Letters" for details.

Addressing System

Correct Addressing
  • Complete name and address is to be indicated on the front side of the envelope or wrapper.
  • The sender’s name and address are to be given on the top left hand corner of the envelope to facilitate speedy processing in case of non-delivery.

Redirection of Correspondence
  • It is advisable to notify the Post Office of any change in address.
  • Correspondence will be redirected on request to the new address on the prescribed redirection form.

Types of Correspondence delivered
We accept and deliver:-
 (i)   Ordinary letters
 (ii)   Registered letters
 (iii)   Express letters
 (iv)   Parcels
 (v)    EMS

In addition we offer to corporate bodies:-
 (i)   A personalised delivery service
 (ii)   A pick- up and delivery service
 (iii)   A direct mail service

Treatment of undeliverable correspondence
  • Undeliverable correspondence is returned to its sender, when the letters name and full address are indicated on the letter.
  • In the absence of the name and address of the sender, the Returned Letter Office (RLO) deals with such correspondence.

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