Delivery Services
The Mauritius Post is committed to preserve the integrity of your correspondence and to offer you a fast, secure and reliable delivery service.  We provide a 100 % door-to-door delivery.

1. Delivery Standard for Domestic Mail
The Domestic Delivery target is 85% at D + 1 (D = day of posting). Cut-off time for posting for the next day delivery is 15 00hrs.

Domestic Delivery Performance

2. Delivery Standard for International Mail

85 % of incoming International Mail is delivered on D+1 (where D is the day item is received at Office of Exchange).

Percentage of population having a home delivery
We provide a 100 % house to house delivery of letters Island wide. Customers may opt for a rented Private Postal Box for delivery.

Confirmation of Delivery
A proof of delivery may be obtained by sending a letter by registered post with an advice of delivery. Refer to "Letters" for details.

Addressing System
1. Correct Addressing
Complete name and address is to be indicated on the front side of the envelope or wrapper. The sender’s name and address are to be given on the top left hand corner of the envelope to facilitate speedy processing in case of non-delivery.

2. Redirection of Correspondence
It is advisable to notify the Post Office of any change in address. Correspondence will be redirected on request to the new address on the prescribed redirection form.

Types of Correspondence delivered
We accept and deliver:-
  • Ordinary letters
  • Registered letters
  • Express letters
  • Parcels
  • EMS
In addition we offer to corporate bodies:-
  • A personalised delivery service
  • A pick- up and delivery service
  • A direct mail service
Treatment of undeliverable correspondence
Undeliverable correspondence is returned to its sender, when the letters name and full address are indicated on the letter. In the absence of the name and address of the sender, the Returned Letter Office (RLO) deals with such correspondence.
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