What are the articles not to be transmitted or processed through post office?
  • any explosive, dangerous, filthy, noxious or deleterious substance;
  • any sharp instrument not properly protected;
  • any living creature;
  • any article or thing whatsoever which is likely to damage or injure postal packets in course of transmission by post or to injure any officer during process, through post office;
  • any indecent or obscene or any seditious or libelous print, painting, photograph, lithograph, engraving, book or card;
  • any postal packet having thereon, or on the cover thereof, any words, marks or designs of an indecent, obscene, seditious, scurrilous, threatening or grossly offensive character;
  • any article whatever the importation or circulation of which is forbidden in the country of destination;
  • any coin, banknote, currency note, precious stones, jewels and other valuable articles, except in registered packets.
What is a Parcel?
  • Enjoy our full parcel delivery in the physical world or digital one through e-commerce.
  • A parcel is any item being shipped , such as a box or a packet.
  • Colipost boxes are also available at post offices.
  • Make full use of our off-the-shelf Boxes, branded as Colipost to facilitate packaging of your item for posting parcels.
  • Padded envelopes are also available for your small packets requirement.
What is the maximum of size for a correspondence to be accepted by the Post-Office?

What is the minimum size for a correspondence to be accepted by the Post-Office?
  1. when it is in roll form, 17 cms for the aggregate of length and twice the diameter;
  2. when it is not roll form, 9 cms by 14 cms.
In what circumstances do we register a letter?
Registered letter may include:
  1. a cheque or dividend warrant not crossed or made payable to order
  2. coin, bank note or currency note
  3. unused postage stamps
  4. platinum, gold or silver
  5. precious stone or jewellery
  6. any other valuable article
What is the maximum weight for a letter to be accepted by Post-office?
Two Kilograms (2kg)

Registration of Letters
Method of acceptance
Acceptance of a registered letter is subject to the contents being enclosed in a strong and neat cover

Why register a letter?
To obtain a proof of posting and delivery

Contents requiring compulsory registration
  • Cheque or dividend warrant not crossed or made payable to order
  • A bearer bond
  • Coin, bank note or currency note
  • Unused postage stamps
  • Platinum, gold or silver
  • Precious stone or jewellery
  • Any other valuable article or document
Express Mail
For faster delivery to respond to speedy requirements. Mauritius post provides a nationwide, cost effective delivery service of express letter mails. Upon their arrival at the delivery office, these items are handled in the speediest manner possible.

The target for express mail delivery to all major towns and villages is D in the afternoon or D+1 morning depending on time of posting time.
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