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Sheet of 50 stamps for the Visit of Pope Francis in Mauritius
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Category: Sheet Of Stamps

Pope Francis will be gracing the Mauritian soil on Monday 9th September 2019. This visit will be a very memorable day for Mauritians and the Government has proclaimed the 9th September a public holiday.

Pope Francis will be the second Pope to visit Mauritius, thirty years after Saint Jean-Paul II.

The arrival of Pope Francis coincides with the yearly pilgrimage of Bienheureux Pere Laval which is celebrated by Mauritians of various origins for more than 150 years.

A holy mass at Marie Reine de la Paix on Monday 9th September will be presided by Pope Francis and will attract a large number of our rainbow population as well as tourists from several countries. It is recognised that Pope Francis speaks from heart to heart and reaches many people of all beliefs and even to non-believers because he lives up to what he professes and upholds the basic values of Jesus: mercy, simplicity, humility and joy.

Pope Francis is well engaged in the promotion of the common good to mankind and brings an enlightening contribution on matters of global interest. He draws attention on the challenges linked to overconsumption and its economic impact in the society. Pope Francis is also very much concerned on climate changes happening across the world and all types of social injustices.

Against the backdrop of military bases in the Indian Ocean Region, Pope Francis positions himself as a strong supporter of world peace and advocates that our region remains a zone of peace.

The visit of Pope Francis is a State visit which has been prepared in collaboration with the Diocese of Port Louis.

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