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Constitutional Law of Mauritius
Shop: Milan Meetarbhan

Category: Book

Text of the Constitution with Annotations, Comments, Questions and Analysis.

12 March 1968 - 12 March 2018: 50 years of constitutional law in the making will enable lawyers, policymakers, students and citizens to assess:

  • Constitutional Supremacy - the theory and the practice
  • Scope and Institutions of a "democratic State"
  • Flexibility and Limits of Constitutional Redress
  • Protection of Fundamental Rights
  • Progressive development of Caselaw
  • Comparative and International Law Dimensions
Paperback Edition: ISBN 978-999493840-7

Milan J.N Meetarbhan is a Barrister whose main area of interest is Public Law - at both national and international levels. He draws on his extensive experience as an academic, a law practitioner, an Adviser to Government, a regulator and a diplomat to comment on the emerging body of constitutional law in Mauritius.

Price: Rs 1,200.00

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