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The story of The Mauritius Post Office
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'A well-documented book highlighting the untold part of the history of the Post Office in Mauritius over the last 240 years'

The name of Mauritius is well known to stamp collectors. Its philatelic reputation emanates from the extraordinary romance associated with its first two stamps, the “POST OFFICE Mauritius”,namely the Penny Blue and the Penny Red, issued in 1847. But in addition to stamps, Mauritius also has a rich treasure of postal history. Old letters can give fascinating, direct insights into people’s lives, written by themselves. Some of these letters are opened and read in the book.

The pioneering approach of the Mauritian authorities to Post Office practices and stamp issues in the 19th century is well documented. However, these publications are aimed at specialist postal historians and philatelists. This book is the story of the Post Office for the non-initiated. It aims to stimulate an interest in the history and in particular the postal history of the island. By the extensive use of illustrations, most of which  never published before, the book aims to give a taste of life at such  times. Nearly all the images, except where  noted, are from the authors’ collections.

This book highlights that part of history as yet untold of the evolution and anecdotes of the post over the last 240 years.   The objective of this publication is to trace the main milestones of the post office since its creation to date according to the above and we trust that it will be of interest and value to philatelists and the public at large..

Price: Rs 750.00

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