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How can one send money through Post-Office?
You can request for an Inland postal money order or an e-money transfer to be issued at the post-office. A commission has to be paid for this particular service.

What is the validity for a payee to cash an inland postal money order at the post office specified on the voucher?
An inland Postal money order should be cashed at the specified post office within three months, from the month of issue. After three months, a fresh comission is charged.

What happens if a payee is unable to attend a post office for encashment of this order?
He or she may authorise a proxy to cash the order and such payment may only be made on proof of identity of both the payee and the proxy.

Where are crossed British Postal Order, (BPO) Inland Postal Money Order (IPMO) and Mandat De Poste International (MPI) cashed?
Every crossed British Postal Order, (BPO) Inland Postal

Money Order (IPMO) and Mandat De Poste International?
(MPI) should be credited to a bank account.

What is the validity for payment of a British Postal Order (BPO)?
Six months after the last day of the month of issue.
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