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 Chairperson Chief Executive Officer
    Mrs. Gayetree Usha BRIJMOHUN  Mr. Giandev MOTEEA, O.S.K.
 Board Members:
Mrs M.N.D. Sybille LOLOCHOU


Mrs. R. Yanembal MOORGHEN

Mr. Dhurma Ashdeo SOBURRUN

Company Secretary:


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Any queries, suggestions and complaints: channel to and

• Pay your bills at your nearest post office: CEB, CWA, MT and more… • Inland Money Transfer: From one Post Office to another within minutes…… • Pick up service: We deliver your mails and also collect them for you • EMS: Fast Secure & Reliable Delivery • Renew your Motor Vehicle License (Road Tax) at all Post Offices • Shop online on our e-commerce platform – philatelic products, clothing, accessories and more… 9 Decembre - Journée Internationale Contre la Corruption - Il est de votre devoir de rapporter tout acte de corruption. Dites NON  à  la corruption. Appelez sur le 800 4222.